1. How to YoYo says

    Hes balancing your checkbook right now, while the dog is drooling and eating dirt.

  2. Live Chat Support says

    ha ha . Great photo. My cat sucks. She don’t know anything except running around. lol.

  3. choir music says

    I adore cats, and that’s of the best cat photos I’ve seen. It’s had me in stitches for 10 minutes. My cat’s getting old now, don’t think you’d get him in a pair of glasses!

  4. Liza says

    The cat is smart-looking and looked studious. I love the way it held the glasses. It’s as if these are really meant for him. Give it a tie and it could even pass as an executive in a business firm.

  5. Jen says

    I saw this photo, with a caption added: it said at the top “Your IQ test results are in”

    And at the bottom…

    “You fail.”