Shoe Lace Tattoo?

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Shoelace Tattoos

This has to be one of the strangest tattoos that I’ve ever seen … oh I’ve seen some weird ones, but this is one that I just don’t get the reasoning behind it.

All I can think is that this guy must be totally dedicated to wearing Flip Flops and Sandals yet he wants to give the appearance of wearing shoes that lace up … uh uh … whatever floats your boat. 

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  1. John says

    This is cool! I’m thinking about doing something similar, but a button up shirt on my chest!! Or a zipper on my back.

  2. sascha says

    Wow that is really really strange, but also kinda cool. I saw a picture of a guy with : “/head” tattooed in his neck :D

  3. Alex says

    I don’t like this. In my opinion a tattoo has to represent something in your life, some sort of event or a big thing.
    This just looks funny, but ok, who am I to judge

  4. wedding blog says

    Wow, that takes quite a commitment. Did anybody tell him that’s going to be there forever?

  5. Madden 11 says

    Wow…it’s very nice & unique….now I think there is no need to wear shoes….I am just joking…really very nice…

  6. Tattooist says

    This is a very odd Idea for a tattoo but I guess it is also very original. There are a lot of dragon and tribal tattoos but shoe laces not too much :)

  7. Live Chat Support says

    Ah, Its called innovation. great tattoo. Ha ha , ll have one myself. In my country India, people will freak out seen it. :))coz, its so different.

  8. Liz says

    Well I guess if you’re going to tattoo something it may as well be your feet. They’re covered most of the time anyway, but it’s a pretty brave thing to do LOL!

  9. yorkshire lodges says

    I can’t imagine looking down at my feet every day and seeing that! Very, very brave choice of tattoo.

  10. Sam says

    Guy getting tattoo: How can i wear shoes and jandels at the same time?????? I’VE GOT IT!!!!!

    Nice find man :D

  11. Jasmin says

    Yep, definitely ‘unusual’. Still, it’s not as bad as the ones written in Latin only they didn’t know what the Latin actually meant, they thought they were saying something cool but when translated it made no sense at all.
    I heard of someone who had blades of grass and flowers around the sides of their feet so it looked sorta like they were walking in the grass, that was cool.