Studious Feline

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Hmmm do you think this cat is studying for an exam or does it have a job … maybe it’s an accountant or a tax specialist?

Either way it looks very studious with those big dark framed glasses on, doesn’t it?

Ah, maybe the cat is an assistant and it’s just on the desk to ask if it’s boss wants a coffee?

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  1. Walkie Talkie says:

    Beautiful photography. thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Healthy Sex says:

    Hey that is a sexy secretary that will say haloo to the boss!

  3. How to YoYo says:

    Hes balancing your checkbook right now, while the dog is drooling and eating dirt.

  4. My cat could use the glasses. He is always running into everything. Cute photo.

  5. Live Chat Support says:

    ha ha . Great photo. My cat sucks. She don’t know anything except running around. lol.

  6. choir music says:

    I adore cats, and that’s of the best cat photos I’ve seen. It’s had me in stitches for 10 minutes. My cat’s getting old now, don’t think you’d get him in a pair of glasses!

  7. The cat is smart-looking and looked studious. I love the way it held the glasses. It’s as if these are really meant for him. Give it a tie and it could even pass as an executive in a business firm.

  8. I saw this photo, with a caption added: it said at the top “Your IQ test results are in”

    And at the bottom…

    “You fail.”