That’s what I call a WIDE load!

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Wide load

I’m not certain where this photo was taken, but I know that a load this wide wouldn’t be legal on any North American highways!

I like how this tractor is doing double service – Not only is it hauling one of the biggest single loads of wheat or some other type of farm produce, but it’s also carrying 14 people! Perhaps it’s taking them into town?

Have you ever seen a load this big being hauled along a roadway?

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  1. Wow, that’s a huge load. I have seen a bigger load though, half a house on a trailer with a cop in front of it.

  2. I think the pic is from India.

  3. You’re not kidding – that’s huge! I wouldn’t like to get stuck behind that wide load – there’s strictly no room for overtaking!

  4. An interesting picture. Would agree it looks like India. Travel there must be much slower if this is the norm. Glad we don’t have that situation here. I’ve seen the wide loads when moving a double wide trailer and or house before; but never on a single road. Always a highway with a police escort to help the traffic situation.


  5. Frank Zweegers says:

    Looks funny how those guys think this is quite normal, while over here this would be simply inconceivable.

  6. Gutscheine says:

    haha, i know that from my last trip to india! We saw the same there. It´s amazing. Sometimes the guys on the top slept there. Very crazy!

  7. hi really it is happening in this world its not an imagination…this is too heavy load..we should restrict

  8. Oh God, I think they deserve to be a world record maker, but in what category?

  9. TESOL Training says:

    This picture is definitely from Punjab that is part of India. These wide loads often create traffic jams and these type of loads are very harmful for road safety point of view.

  10. Lease Guarantor says:

    I have seen many sights like these in India. They are very versatile there when it comes to getting a job done.

  11. Christian @ rengøring says:

    “When we move you can only bring one bag of shoes” :)

  12. How is it that it could even move? That must weigh a ton! Not to mention how did those people get up there?

  13. nursing home negligence in Baltimore says:

    Ooo GOD its unbelievable. i have never seen such unbelievable thing in my life. But how is it possible?