Someone forgot to tell him the holiday are over!

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Santa Dog

I think someone forgot to tell this little dog that the holidays are over … or perhaps he’s just having an extended party? Must have been some Christmas and New Years in that house!

Speaking of the holidays I’d like to wish all of you a belated Happy Holidays and a very happy and healthy New Year! Maybe 2010 be everything you hope for!

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  1. fishing organizations says

    Happy New Year to you. Thanks for the great pictures, stories, and video’s that you have given us throughout the year.

    Looking forward to another entertaining year.

  2. Konkurrencer says

    Nice picture.
    I love taking pictures of my dog when we have dressed it up.
    And i may say that you have done an excellent job dressing up your dog :)

  3. kathcom says

    That is one depressed-looking dog. I’m half expecting a commercial for Abilify to spring to life around him. “Who does depression hurt. Everyone, including little