What the heck is this vehicle?

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Ok, what’s your best guess on what this vehicle is supposed to be?

It looks like it was once a tractor, but it’s been modified.

I’d swear that seat belongs on a ride around lawn mower? 

I guess this might be someone’s attempt at making their own ATV, but that front left wheel doesn’t look very stable.

What do you think they were planning to use this for?

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  1. Sir Satire (The Serious) says

    It looks like a tractor that was modified so you can drive it on a field that has been planted without disturbing the plants…

    That, or it is just disturbing. ;~D

  2. Sweet Mummy says

    I think it’s a tractor that is used for some kind of tall plants, either berry bushes or corn. The front wheels are angled slightly to go right beside the rows of plants. I’ve seen these kinds of tractors in the berry fields of British Columbia. It may well have been modified, but maybe not!